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Life as a business owner can be complex. You make daily business decisions that affect the ongoing development of your company and your employees. You juggle commitments made to family and other personal interests. Understanding the challenges you face, and how they are interconnected, can lead to better strategies for driving business growth, efficiency and personal success. That's the advantage of a relationship with U.S. Trust and Bank of America Merrill Lynch— where your personal advisor and dedicated commercial relationship manager, in coordination with your other advisors, work to support your connected priorities.

Helping You Meet Your Personal and Professional Financial Priorities

Whatever stage your business is at, you can expect ongoing advice, insights and guidance from your dedicated U.S. Trust and Bank of America Merrill Lynch team. Areas of focus may include:

Working with a global financial services company helps enable you to address — and simplify — both your business and personal financial lives. Given the breadth of financial capabilities, services, experience and innovative insights across U.S. Trust and Bank of America, you have a relationship designed to grow with your changing needs.

Explore Our Latest Thinking

The Owner's Journey

The U.S. Trust Owner's Journey whitepaper, authored by Columbia University, details the experiences shared and lessons learned from entrepreneurs who successfully sold or transferred their businesses.

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Lessons Learned Before, During and After the Sale of a Business

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2017 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth & Worth

Business Owner Spotlight

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The Philanthropic Journey

For many business owners, success and giving back go hand-in-hand

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Putting the Success in Your Succession Plan

5 steps to ensure that the transfer or sale of your business is right for you, your business and your family.

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Keeping the Family in the Family Business

A thorough succession plan can help ensure you meet the goals you set for your business, your family and yourself.

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The Value of Integrated Business Planning

Address your personal and business goals with expert guidance

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Wealth Planning Techniques

For many business owners, the day-to-day demands of running a successful business take precedence over long-term considerations.

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Fine tuning your business

You started it, you manage it every day. Now make sure you're prepared for tomorrow.

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The Pitfalls and Potential of Startups

Creating a business can let you control your destiny, but what happens when investors want to control your company?

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Consider the effect of taxes and create a strategy to help you keep more of your company's valuation for yourself.

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Learn about the importance of succession planning in terms of retirement planning, the survival of your franchise and your opportunity to capitalize on emerging business.

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Comprehensive Services for Auto Dealership Owners

We offer access to wide-ranging solutions tailored for both the auto dealer owners and their businesses.

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Navigating Your Sale

How to chart your course and pick your crew after you decide to sell your business.

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To learn how U.S. Trust works with business owners like you, please contact:

Karen Reynolds Sharkey
National Business Owner Strategy Executive
Building a Brand While Helping Children

Ginger Aydogdu, President of Simply Southern

The Owner's Journey

Interview: Carl Allen, Entrepreneur

Talent Management

Interview: Soul Cycle CEO
Melanie Whelan

Expansion Financing

U.S. Trust and Bank of America Merrill Lynch can help you with raising capital for growing your business through lines of credit, general business loans, commercial real estate loans or equipment financing or leasing.

Business Planning

As you contemplate when and how to step out of your business, you are faced with the choices of gifting or selling the business to your family, selling to a non family member during your lifetime, gifting or selling the business on your passing, or selling to co-owners. If you actively manage your business, you should also make sure you have a plan in place for one or more persons to take over the management of the business if you are unable to act. U.S. Trust works with business owners on their succession planning strategies.

Risk Management

Protecting your business and your future means mitigating your exposure to changing financial, market and operational risks. U.S. Trust and Bank of America Merrill Lynch can work with you on a comprehensive and disciplined risk management approach.

Employee Benefits

Building your benefits program can increase loyalty as you support the financial well-being of your employees, their families and your business. Bank of America works with institutions to provide services such as banking, retirement planning (including defined benefits and 401(k) plans), and health care accounts.

Mergers Acquisition

Bank of America Merrill Lynch can help you position your business for a value-creation opportunity that requires sophisticated planning and strategies. Strengthening the value of your business and your strategic ambitions requires deep investment banking, capital markets and M&A advisory expertise.


Leading the life you want in retirement, anticipating ongoing income needs, and successfully exiting your business require sophisticated strategies to work toward the future you envision.

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