Philanthropies and the
Risk of Misjudging Risks

For nonprofit fiduciaries, an insufficient grasp of issues can have
serious consequences, both organizational and personal.

Opportunities in the Low-Carbon Economy

Investors may benefit from wider use of sustainable energy and growing efficiency.

Sustainable Bond Strategies

Breckinridge Capital Advisors

ESG Investing Goes Mainstream

In a striking change from the recent past, environmental, social and governance principles offer investors greater potential to do well while doing good.

A Fixed Income Approach

Community Capital Management

The Model of Resource Efficiency

Osmosis Investment Management

Leveraging Your Art Collection

Borrowing against the value of your artwork can free up cash without disturbing your holdings.

Getting to Know Smart Beta

An increasingly popular alternative (or complement) to traditional passive and active investments, smart beta is worth a closer look.

Settling the Estate

In today’s world, the seen — and unseen — roles and responsibilities of executors, and their agents, are changing.

The State of the Art Market

The first of a two-part examination of what is driving art sales and where great works can be found at a discount.

Map Your Retirement Goals

Early planning can help you to avoid costly mistakes, live the retirement lifestyle you desire and leave a greater legacy.

An Evolving Approach

Bank of America rethinks corporate social responsibility for sustainability.

Tax Considerations and Retirement

Dealing with federal and state taxes during retirement can be complicated, but some strategies may help relieve the burden.

The Evolution of Smart Beta

A brief investigation into the origins of this growing investment platform.

In Conversation With Brad Keywell

Company culture, the importance of failure and other lessons learned.

Our Insights

Your Flexible Credit

Credit solutions allow investors to transfer assets, make large purchases and pursue other financial goals.

Socially Innovative Investing (S2I)

U.S. Trust


An interview with DeAnne Steele.

Year-End Tax Planning

A heads-up about two issues.

How the U.S. Trust
Family Office Can Help You

As their wealth grows and becomes more complex, families often look for a solution to help them gain more control over their affairs, reduce costs and more.

Real Assets:
Finding Positive Trends

Finding positive trends, especially in commercial real estate,
farm and ranch land, and timberland.

Trends in American Philanthropy

A recent survey charts the generosity of the nation’s wealthiest households.

A Message From Keith Banks


Three Steps to a More Secure Digital Life

As you move more of your information online, here’s how you can safeguard your assets, preserve your good name, and assist your family.

Healthcare Investments in a Divided World

America frets about medical insurance and eldercare, but other nations' concerns are more basic.

U.S. Energy and Real Estate
In a Transforming World

As once-unimaginable forces reshape how people live, two investment experts share insights on where their sectors might be headed.

Fine Tuning Your Business

You started it, you manage it every day. Now make sure you’re prepared for tomorrow.

Six Key Strategies for Funding Education

With tuition bills growing ever larger, tax-aware approaches to saving and paying for education can help to ease the burden.

2014 U.S. Trust
Insights on Wealth and Worth®

The profile of the modern American family is evolving, and it’s changing how wealth affects familial relationships, attitudes and behavior.

The Future of Education

An acknowledged expert in the field weighs in on where learning might be headed.

Take the Wheel

Planning for the financial future of your auto dealership.

Advancing Women’s Economic Empowerment

At Bank of America, we are serious about the future of women worldwide, and in our company.

Our Insights

An Early Look at the Midterm Elections

Republicans likely to keep the House, the Senate a question mark.

Aligning Your Investments With Your Values

High-impact solutions are growing in sophistication and entering the mainstream.

Welcome to the Era of Innovation

The bull-market cycle should last longer than many are expecting.

Mexico? Yes, Mexico

The country’s economic transformation is turning heads. But for some investors the direction (almost inexplicably) is still away.

Globalization and Tangible Assets

In a global economy, there are benefits and challenges for skilled workers
and the wealthy in America.

Gross Domestic Product

An interview with DeAnne Steele.

Online with a Transforming World

The world can change overnight. This website keeps the pace.

Using Leverage as a Wealth Transfer Tool

Access to liquidity for tax purposes can provide valuable flexibility.

Your Business After You

A solid succession plan should balance what’s best for your company, your family and you.

New Resources for Values-Based Investors

Check out U.S. Trust’s new values-based Investing website
and Investing in a Better World video.

“101 Things”
You Should Know

A new book helps investors make some sense of the massive changes sweeping the planet.

A Message From Keith Banks


The (Bank of America)RED Partnership

Bank of America joins (RED)™ and U2 in the global fight against AIDS.

Long Live the Sustainable Ranch

A primer on managing ranch land for ecological and financial longevity.

Global Health: The Broader Mission

Through the many partnerships of Bank of America, we are working to make a better world.

Investing in Space Travel

Interested in opportunities in the aerospace industry? Here's where to start.

The Expansion of Space Commerce

With the U.S. aerospace industry beginning to look more like a free market, what might it mean for investors? 3-2-1, read on.

International Investing

As the global economy recovers, where in the world should investors look for opportunities? Three international portfolio managers share their views.

Keeping the Family in the Family Business

A thorough succession plan can help ensure you meet the goals you set for your business, your family and yourself.

Wealth Management
and the New American Family

As families grow more complex, so does planning for trusts and estates, philanthropy, the family business and much more.

The Multigenerational Family and the Vacation Home

Strategies for peacefully sharing and passing down the family cottage.

Financial Planning for Eldercare

More older Americans, increasing healthcare costs and mounting stress for families all point to a real and growing need.

Wealth Planning Through Trusts and Estates

Powerful Demographic Trends, Powerful Planning Implications

The Unifying Power of Family Philanthropy

By understanding each member’s philanthropic goals, families can accomplish more.

The Changing Landscape

Our Insights

The New Faith-Based Investor

New areas of focus, new approaches and an eye on the bottom line.

The Hills Have Eyes and Ears

While skittish investors continue to anticipate disaster, the equity markets
should grind higher.


An Interview with DeAnne Steele

Income Inequality: U.S. Versus the World

How American incomes rate among the top 10 rich nations.

Being Part of a Team Drives Two-Time Paralympic Medalist

Taylor Lipsett, a forward on the U.S. sled hockey team and U.S. Trust employee, applies lessons he's learned on the ice to his career.

The Year Ahead

Based on recent findings, here’s our outlook for nonfinancial assets.

A Seven-Step Guide to Corporate Defaults

A guide to how economic recovery and rising interest rates could affect corporate
default rates.

A Message From Keith Banks