Rebuilding America

Much of the funds needed may come from the private sector.

In Conversation With Jane McGonigal

Shall we play a game? The author and video game designer talks time, gaming and the future.

Time in the Age of Instant

High-speed digital technology has given us countless ways to manage how we spend our time. But is it also changing who we are?

Tying a Better Knot

As a new husband or wife is welcomed into a successful family, these steps may help pave the way for the marriage to be a happy one — and lessen the impact if it’s not.

Our Insights

A Message From Keith Banks

Ready for Recreational Real Estate?

A ranch can be a rewarding portfolio asset and a source of long-term enjoyment.

Pathways to Economic Progress

Bank of America partners to support economic mobility and helps illuminate diversity through the legacies of Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King, Jr.

U.S. Trust’s New App for iPhone

The new app provides secure, on-the-go access to your accounts and our expertise.

Vacation Homes and Tax Planning

A second residence can generate tax benefits — if you plan ahead

Family Enterprise and the Rising Generation

More often, families of wealth are giving their children a say in the family portfolio and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit.

Can China’s Economy Bounce Back?

DeAnne Steele on the depreciation of the yuan, the changing focus of the Chinese economy, and what it all means for investors.

Specialty Assets: Our Midyear Outlook

With 2016 market volatility expected to endure, investors continue to turn to tangible assets in a hunt for yield.

Don’t Fight the Fed

Despite unfavorable predictions from many economists, a stable dollar and the Federal Reserve’s cautious stance seem to have staved off a global recession.

Investing in Iran: Roses or Thorns?

In a nation newly open to foreign commerce, we find an abundance of investment opportunities — and caveats.

Repositioning Your Portfolio in Seven Steps

With periods of greater volatility and lower growth expected, here’s what to consider when managing your portfolio.

Families of Wealth: Perception vs. Reality

A recent U.S. Trust survey reveals that deeply held values, rather than a sense of privilege, are what shape generations of wealthy families.

The Pitfalls and Potential of Startups

Creating a business can let you control your destiny, but what happens when investors want to control your company?


Active Management is Essential

Directing fixed income in a rising-rate environment.

The Essentials for a Life Well-Lived

A recent U.S. Trust survey finds that significant wealth empowers, but does not define, life’s purpose.

Technology and the Future of Investing

Having the tools to sort, analyze and compare data efficiently can be a game changer for investors, says investment firm BlackRock.

Millennials and Inheritance

A two-part primer for parents and their children.

Give, Monitor, Evaluate

Wealthy donors have the drive — and the tools — to keep a sharper eye on how their gifts are changing lives.

Exploring Timelines and Pillars

Fund managers from GMO, LLC, and PIMCO, LLC, discuss their investment strategies.

Navigating Your Sale

How to chart your course and pick your crew after you decide to sell your business.

Environmental Involvement Ramps Up

Bank of America provides billions in capital and financing to support a low-carbon economy for future generations.

In Conversation With Ron
And Stephanie Cordes

The co-founder and vice chair of the Cordes Foundation — who also happen to be father and daughter — discuss impact investing, second acts and millennials with Jackie VanderBrug, co-chair of the Impact Investing Council at U.S. Trust.

The Global Water Crisis

As California (and the world) grows thirstier, investors are looking at water in a new way.

Parents and Inheritance

A two-part primer for parents and their children.

Our Insights

Wood Pellets Ignite Interest

Nuggets of dried biomass could be the next big thing in sustainable fuel.

Updated Digital Account Access

Redesigned Account Access on our website and iPad app makes retrieving
account information easier.

Joining the Sustainability Index

Bank of America named to the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Bank of America Wins Award

Named Best Bank in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Giant Experiment

Confusion and concern abound, but our outlook is for signs of life ahead.

Rising Rates Bad For Estate Planning?

Lower interest rates are ideal, but the expected increase doesn’t mean it’s time to panic.

Governance and Economies

On a global scale, it’s clear that when people are free to pursue their goals, the economy benefits.

Becoming a High Impact Philanthropist

To bring more focus to their giving, wealthy donors are drilling down, checking up and reaching out.

Harvesting Losses for
Tax-Advantaged Investing

A thoughtful approach aims to enhance after-tax returns.

Interest Rates

An interview with DeAnne Steele

A Message From Keith Banks


Bank of America’s Catalytic Finance Initiative: Investing for Our Future

Helping to remove the barriers to investment in high-impact clean energy projects worldwide.

Women and Climate Change

Although disproportionately affected by catastrophic weather events, women could nevertheless play a crucial role in creating a more secure future for us all.

The Way of Clough

The co-founder of Clough Capital shares his views on healthcare, China, big banks and more.

Direct Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate offers the potential for attractive yields, capital appreciation and valuable tax benefits.

The State of the Art Market, Part II

The second in a two-part examination of what is driving art sales and where and how to find great works for your collection.

Timeless Alternatives

You can’t take it with you, but arrangements you make now can help protect the future of your collection.

Memory and Your Family

When memory goes, so goes the ability to manage everything from relationships to decisions on family wealth. What happens next?

Special Olympics Flame of Hope Heads Across America

Bank of America is helping to shine a light on the importance of an inclusive society for all.

Our Insights

Global Rebalancing Shifts Gears

The United States and other equity markets moved to record highs in the fourth quarter.

Responsible Investing Initiative Gains Traction

U.S. Trust joins the U.N.-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, which promotes socially concerned investing.

Merrill Edge: A Powerful Complement To Our Relationship

Online investing, expert research and advice — all linked to your U.S. Trust account.

Reviewing Obama’s 2016 Tax Proposals

So many proposals in the Administration’s fiscal 2016 budget, but do any of them stand a chance of passing?

The Big Top World

Even with a circus of conflicting trends, the outlook remains encouraging.

The Strong Dollar

An interview with DeAnne Steele

A Message From Keith Banks

Stable Ground and Strong Foundations

Our 2015 outlook on specialty assets.

Volunteerism and Donations on the Rise

The 2014 U.S. Trust® Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy reveals that giving among the wealthy and very wealthy is on the rise, with a clear focus on education.

A Guide To Disruptive Technology

Innovations that transform how we live can also boost the economy and present investment opportunities.

In Conversation With Francine LeFrak

The daughter of a New York real estate magnate helps survivors of the Rwanda genocide get their lives back on track by making beautiful jewelry.