The Big Five

Mega investment themes for the next decade.

Are Your Investments Out of Sync With Your Investment Goals?

If your portfolio is still positioned for a fragile economy (overweight in cash and bonds), it’s time to revisit your asset allocations.

Confidence in the Future Climbs, But Wealth Planning Falls Short

Wealthy Americans are feeling more positive about their long-term financial prospects, a new survey reveals, but many seem unaware of pitfalls that could upend their expectations.

Looking for Dirt (The Fertile Kind)

Wary of investments they struggle to understand, more investors turn to perhaps the most basic asset of them all: land.

Investing in the Energy Infrastructure of the Future

As the old (pipelines, electrical grids, power plants) meets the new (drilling techniques, sources of fossil fuels, renewables), it’s time for an upgrade. 

Private Equity: Perception and Reality

Is your view of private equity stuck in the past? If it is, you might be missing out on its future potential.

Next Gen Generosity

An ease with technology and a focus on effectiveness are helping a new wave of donors roll up their sleeves and change philanthropy.

Financial Education, Free for All

Strengthening economies through ongoing philanthropic and volunteer investments in financial education.

We Want You: Serving on the Investment Committee

Building an effective investment committee for your nonprofit organization.

The Big Five Intersect

As discussed in this issue’s feature “The Big Five,” there are five global themes heavily influencing the world economy — but how are they influencing each other? Click through to find out. 

Our Insights

Bank of America Announces 2013 Art Conservation Project Recipients

Connecting people, communities and cultures through support of the arts.

Agent for Fiduciary Services

Gaining the expertise, support and guidance you need while maintaining your role as an individual trustee or executor.

Europe’s Tragedy

Europe’s recession is dragging on, but there are reasons to be hopeful that the region can find a way out of its current malaise.

Update: Women’s Economic Empowerment

New mentoring initiatives highlight the bank’s commitment to advancing women leaders.

Tax Collection

No major tax news does not mean no tax news — as this roundup of issues reveals.


The Big Fix Begins

Fiscal policy transparency and easy monetary policy should promote a stronger stock market.

Summer Capital Acumen to Be Digital Only

Enjoy our content on the web or iPad wherever you are.

Investing in a Time of Higher Tax Rates

Facing a more onerous tax environment, wealthy clients should reassess asset allocation and location — with an eye on tax efficiency.

Time to Consider a Delaware Trust?

The nation’s first state has a tax and legal environment that can be as friendly toward trusts as it is toward business.

Questions to Consider
Before You Transfer Your Business

A thorough succession plan can help ensure you meet your goals for your business, your family and yourself.

Succession Planning: 10 Essential Questions to Guide Your Business Succession Plan

Prepare yourself to tackle the unique challenges of transferring your business by answering these 10 questions.

How Do You Find a Manager?

A guide to understanding the conventional wisdom and common misconceptions of manager selection.

Common Questions and Misconceptions to Avoid During Manager Selection

Your due diligence process will go smoother if you remember what to consider.

Philanthropy in America

A recent survey offers insights into giving trends among the nation’s wealthiest households.

The State of High-Net-Worth Volunteering and Strategic Giving

A closer look at two philanthropic trends in the nation’s wealthiest households

Joining the Battle Against
Alzheimer’s Disease

Until a cure is found for this debilitating and ultimately deadly disorder, information and preparation can be a huge comfort for families of the afflicted.

Alzheimer’s in America

Supporting Those Who Serve Our Country

For almost a century, Bank of America has proudly supported the military through funding charitable organizations, offering banking services for service members, and recruiting and hiring veterans.

Military Support: Team Rubicon

Our Insights

Women and Wealth

A U.S. Trust offering focuses on the unique and growing wealth planning needs of women.

Tax Changes in the Rearview Mirror

The revised tax code — from permanently temporary to temporarily permanent?

The Case for Womenomics

Women, historically lagging men in education and earnings, have narrowed the gap and become an economic force.

The 2% Solution

Contrary to commentary predicting currency wars that evoke the 1930s, recent developments are actually the opposite of what happened then.

Bon Voyage — At Last

For some would-be superyacht owners, a strengthening economy may signal it’s time to reconsider that long-postponed dream acquisition.

Values-Based Investing at a Tipping Point

Around conference tables and dinner tables, conversations about social investing are shifting to include the ways corporate social responsibility can create value.

U.S. Trust’s Chris Heilmann to Receive Alzheimer’s Association Award

Chief fiduciary executive is to be honored for his commitment to spreading awareness of the most common form of dementia.


Investing in Innovation

An investor's guide to sidestepping pitfalls, identifying growth and capitalizing on the next big things.

We Want You: On Joining the Board

If a nonprofit organization invites you to join its board, be sure to do your homework before saying yes. That means asking plenty of questions — like these.

Talking About My Generation

A survey reveals distinct differences among three age groups of wealthy Americans.

Building a Family Legacy Through Philanthropy

Family members who learn to give together can create shared values that bind them to one another for generations.

Focus on Real Estate

Three views of an important investment category that’s poised to benefit from an economic recovery.

Purchasing a Second Home

The most effective mortgage solutions require more than low rates and bargain house prices.

Energy Independence at Last?

There are renewed calls — and fresh reasons — for America to produce all of its fuel. Here’s how U.S. Trust’s energy professionals think it could happen.

Workforce Development & Education

Meaningful opportunities for education and employment are integral to the long-term stability and well-being of our communities.

Account Access: Going Mobile

Access your portfolio through our new iPad app (and a revamped online site).

Our Insights

The Next Gen Turns to Trusts

More, and younger, U.S. Trust clients are seeking the substantial benefits that trusts can provide for their children, spouses and other loved ones.

Ten Gift Tax Questions for the 11th Hour

With very little time left before the new year (and a likely farewell to certain long-standing tax breaks), here are some important gift tax issues to consider.

Made in America: The Next Industrial Revolution

China and other nations are shifting production to the United States — and turning long-held assumptions on their heads.

Risk Management: We Need to Talk

Open and ongoing communication between you and your portfolio manager is the key to a healthy investment management relationship.

The U.S. Phoenix Rises Again

Once counted out by commentators, the United States has regained its global economic dominance — and for the most basic of reasons.

Family Wealth Services

A comprehensive, values-based approach to meeting the wealth management needs of our clients and their families