Loans and Boats and Planes

Whether your preference is a luxury yacht or a private jet, U.S. Trust's customized financing solutions may well fit your needs.

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Though economic conditions remain challenging, when it comes to travel, for business or for pleasure, U.S. Trust clients tend to be uncompromising. Of course, acquiring a yacht or a business jet is a significant step for almost anyone. That’s why many prospective owners turn to our aviation and marine financing divisions for help in purchasing or leasing the craft of their dreams.

Aviation: “After more than two decades in the business of aviation financing, our market leadership is renowned,” says James (Jim) Dickerson, an executive in the company’s Corporate Aircraft Finance division. “We design financing solutions to help our clients purchase or lease many types of business aircraft. We also help them find respected industry experts in such areas as aircraft maintenance, taxation, insurance, and even FAA flight regulations. Today’s aircraft — whether the latest VLJ (very light jet) or a global corporate jet — provide vast range and fuel efficiency. For any client who values shorter travel times and convenience, as well as increased safety and privacy, there really is nothing like traveling by private jet — a time machine of sorts.”

Guidance on yacht construction contracts, flagging and more.

Marine: “We’ve been providing yacht financing for over a quarter-century,” says Lisa Verbit, a senior structured-credit executive in the company’s National Marine Lending division, “so our group really understands the business and has a strong presence in it. We can provide loans for a yacht purchase or refinancing, as well as for refits and new construction. The marine group provides guidance on many issues, from flagging (where a yacht is registered) and construction contracts to the benefits of placing your yacht in a charter program. We are available to work collaboratively with a client’s maritime attorney, tax expert, insurance provider and other industry professionals to help ensure that all aspects of a purchase are covered. Our goal is to make the process seamless for our clients.”

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