Recreational Real Estate

Financing a very personal investment

Recreational property can be a rewarding asset in your portfolio, as well as a source of long-term enjoyment. That's why you may want your financial strategy to reflect your strategic vision for the purchase, preservation and enhancement of your family's land. At U.S. Trust, we recognize that each of our clients has unique objectives. Whether you're looking to diversify your portfolio, use the land for recreation, or provide for future generations, let us help you with credit needs for this significant facet of your legacy.

Whether you are purchasing a new property or leveraging an existing property's equity, you can benefit from our competitive rates and timely response time. We finance many types of recreational properties, including

  • Ranches
  • Fishing retreats
  • Equestrian facilities
  • Vineyards
  • Farms


As a client of U.S. Trust, you will enjoy the benefits of financing tailored to your particular real estate investment goals. Our experience has been that our rates are competitive with those of other providers, and we are committed to guiding you through the closing process and on to the enjoyment of your property as quickly as possible. We offer both consumer and commercial lending channels and can focus on your transactions, as well as provide additional benefits that may include:

  • Payment schedules to match your current cash flow or an expected liquidity event
  • Flexible collateral options


U.S. Trust combines experience across a wide range of credit products with access to the underwriting sophistication of Bank of America. The result is a uniquely customized credit solution aligned with your personal objectives.

  • Providing credit to our clients is a core capability, not an accommodation.
  • We have credit professionals located throughout the country who are dedicated to helping meet the specialized credit needs of U.S. Trust® clients.


  • Customized lending solutions involve special risks and may not be appropriate for all clients.
  • Customized lending solutions may be subject to additional credit and legal approval.
  • Clients should consult with their independent attorney, tax advisor and investment manager before implementing any financial, tax or estate planning strategy.
  • Clients should also consider their portfolio diversification requirements, time horizon, risk tolerance, debt tolerance, tax situation and any cash flow and appreciation objectives they may have.


In addition to customized recreational real estate financing, U.S. Trust can deliver access to a wide spectrum of credit capabilities and a depth of resources, experience and capital strength that few financial institutions can match. The critical dimension we bring to this relationship is a high level of personal service, because you work with knowledgeable credit specialists who seek to ensure that your credit strategy effectively complements the other key components of your wealth management plan. Supported by the capital base of Bank of America, we have the flexibility to fund significant loans while offering competitive terms and interest rates. Because time may be a critical factor as you evaluate different financing options, we provide a prompt and informed response to all credit requests.

For more information on any U.S. Trust capability, please contact your U.S. Trust advisor.

Nonfinancial assets, such as closely held businesses, real estate, oil, gas and mineral properties, and timber, farm and ranch land, are complex in nature and involve risks including total loss of value. Special risk considerations include natural events (for example, earthquakes or fires), complex tax considerations and lack of liquidity. Nonfinancial assets are not suitable for all investors.

Credit facilities are provided by Bank of America, N.A., Member FDIC, its subsidiaries or other bank subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation, each an Equal Opportunity Lender. All loans and collateral are subject to credit approval and may require the filing of financing statements or other lien notices in public records. Asset-based financing involves special risks and is not for everyone. When considering an asset-based loan, consideration should be given to individual requirements, asset portfolio composition, and risk tolerance, as well as capital gains, portfolio performance expectations and investment time horizon. A complete description of the loan terms will be found in the individual credit facility documentation and agreements. Clients should consult with their own independent tax and legal advisors.

Bank of America, N.A., and U.S. Trust Company of Delaware (collectively the "Bank") do not serve in a fiduciary capacity with respect to all products or services. Fiduciary standards or fiduciary duties do not apply, for example, when the Bank is offering or providing credit solutions, banking, custody or brokerage products/services or referrals to other affiliates of the Bank.


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