Family Wealth Services

Our Family Wealth Services are designed to help meet your needs, as well as help address the concerns you have for extended family members.

We recognize how complex your personal life and your family life can be. In addition to managing your own affairs, you may be assisting your children as they move out and create lives of their own, or worrying about a parent or older relative who is experiencing difficulty with sustaining an independent lifestyle.

We offer a suite of services — our Family Wealth Services — that are designed to help meet your needs, as well as help address the concerns you have for extended family members. Included in our Family Wealth Services are capabilities that you might expect most any financial services provider to offer, plus some that you might not. We have taken a broad approach with Family Wealth Services because we recognize that it may not be possible for you to separate family-related concerns from personal wealth objectives.

Meeting Your Family's Goals

Our Family Wealth Services program gathers together the wide range of investment, wealth transfer and legacy planning services available through U.S. Trust to help meet your needs and goals and those of your family:

Financial Education for the Next Generation

U.S. Trust's Financial Empowerment program was created specifically to help young adults in their 20s and 30s make informed financial decisions — whether they are starting careers or already have their own families. The program provides knowledge and tools on a wide range of financial and investment topics — philanthropy, trusts, protecting wealth, and dealing with life events from a financial standpoint, among others — to help build the foundation on which participants can manage their financial future.

We look to shift the mindset from the material aspects of wealth to its responsible handling. What messages about wealth, for instance, do you hope to convey to your children? What are your attitudes toward work, personal integrity and social awareness? Your philanthropic interests? What do you as a family truly care about? And how can those concerns be carried forward in the context of activities like trust and estate planning?

The program begins with a U.S. Trust® specialist who works with participants to identify values and goals and also to diagnose gaps in financial knowledge. Participants then receive a customized program that can be delivered online, in one-on-one sessions or in groups for the entire family.

ElderCare Planning

At the other end of the age spectrum, our ElderCare Planning program addresses the specific planning issues related to aging, providing support and guidance to help you make the complex and often difficult decisions you will face as you address later-life planning for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Organizational Services: We assist clients in gathering and organizing critical financial, legal and medical information. Determining whether a loved one needs some form of assistance can be an emotional process for families. Assembling documents and sharing them with appropriate family members as early as possible can reduce stress and facilitate their handling later.
  • Facilitating Care Coordination: When aging relatives can no longer take care of their own needs, families are faced with decisions about what kinds of assistance will be required and which facilities can best supply that help. We can help clients and their families by offering access to a dedicated team of elder care planning specialists through our partnership with external organizations who work with U.S. Trust clients on a preferred basis and at specially negotiated prices.
  • Wealth Planning Services: In addition to providing important educational resources about the financial issues related to aging, our ElderCare Planning program can help clients with important financial planning for longevity — including budgeting assistance, retirement asset planning, the provision of longevity and long-term care insurance, and assessments of other ways of financing long-term care arrangements.
  • Estate Planning Services: Gift and estate planning are the core of our business at U.S. Trust, and our capabilities are comprehensive. We offer these services to all of our clients, of course, but we've also made them part of the ElderCare Planning program for anyone who needs assistance.


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