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Capital Acumen Issue 31

Ready For Recreational Real Estate?

A ranch can be a rewarding portfolio asset and a source of long-term enjoyment.

Woman in a stable with a horse

Like many wealthy individuals in their younger years, you may have contemplated one day using your net worth to purchase your own ranch or other recreational property. But now that you have the necessary wealth, you may be unfamiliar with this type of asset. “A lot of clients want to learn more about recreational properties,” says Brian Taylor of U.S. Trust. “They may want the land for recreation, portfolio diversification or to provide for future generations. We can advise based on experience and offer the benefits of financing tailored to their unique situation.”

Legacy property. Some clients see a legacy property as a potential source of funds but are reluctant to part with land that may have been in their family for years. “We can help them access the liquidity in their property, whether it is a ranch, equestrian property or timberland,” Taylor says. “They can use the funds to pursue other financial opportunities while still preserving the land for the future generations.”

A lot of clients want to learn more about recreational properties.

Flexibility. Whether you are seeking to acquire land or unlock the capital in an existing property, U.S. Trust can offer flexible loan structures and collateral options to match your current cash flow or an expected liquidity event. “We understand the real estate market and can guide clients through the closing process and on to the enjoyment of their property or use of their funds as quickly as possible,” Taylor says.

For more information on recreational real estate, contact your U.S. Trust advisor.

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